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CIMR's Virus and Pathogen Scavenging Technology
Continuously Sanitizes Shared Air In Occupied Spaces

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Continous Infectious
Microbial Reduction 

CIMR   Technology creates a safe and effective low-level hydrogen peroxide gas. This gas guards occupants of indoor spaces and protects them by seeking out and destroying coronavirus and other pathogens, protecting occupants from disease transference shared air. 


CIMR is scientifically tested and experientially proven in hundreds of applications against viruses, bacteria, germs, mold, odors, and pathogens, anywhere that treated air can reach.

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A Multi-Layered Air Defense Model to Protect Shared Air In Critical Infrastructure Sectors Report by Auburn University and Air University, July 2020

“A Multi-Layered Air Defense Model to Protect Shared Air In Critical Infrastructure Sectors”  

A Report By Auburn University’s McCrary Institute, Air University, Introduction and Contribution by General P.K. Carlton, MD, AirForce Surgeon General (retired) July 2020

Alton Holt, Founder & CEO of CIMRTech, talks with Pastor Todd Lamphier from City of Destiny about how CIMR creates a safe level of hydrogen peroxide that attaches itself to germs and pathogens obliterating them on contact.

Chain of infection process which CIMRTech works to break for safer air

CIMRTech works to break the chain of infection and protect people.

Derived from CDC Chain of Infection

Where CIMRTech is in the Hierarchy of Controls pyramid, a scientific method for controlling exposures to occupational hazards, like viruses and pathogens

Reference: U. of Nebraska and CDC NIOSHA

Taskforce Report Briefing 11, April, 2020

CIMR is proven against viruses, bacteria, germs, mold, odors, and other pathogens. It emits ozone-free, unencapsulated low-level hydrogen peroxide (.02ppm) that continuously eliminates infectious threats.

The only technology that encapsulates building occupants in a safe, effective, and self-regulating low dose hydrogen peroxide gas to destroy coronavirus and other pathogens 24/7/365 anywhere air can reach.


Abstract Structure
Reduction of Airborne Contaminants column graph

"CDC Guidelines now say The Virus really spreads between people, but not really from touching surfaces or objects."  

— Washington Post 20, May 2020 

CIMR technology provides solutions to protect occupants a full range of indoor spaces: 

Hospitals & Healthcare

Nursing Homes 


Group Worship and Community Gathering


Commercial Buildings

Residential Buildings

Warehouses &
Distribution Centers

Food Processing

Airplanes, Buses, TrainsSubways & Other Transportation



Critical Infrastructure

Retail Stores

Enclosed Stadiums

Bars, Restaurants,

Hotels, Casinos

& Other

And More

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